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Nina live from the set of The Vampire Diaries, July 21 (x)

TVD Astrology - Damon Salvatore

↳ Scorpio - October 31
Element - Water
Planet - Pluto/Mars
House - 8 Sex
Quality - Fixed
Compatibility - Cancer



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Delena AU - The Runaways

I scratched off my number while hitching out under
That bush league population sign.
Ever since the beginning to keep the world spinning
It takes all kinds of kinds.

Delena rewatch meme:   [1/5] songs (that played on the show or that you wished that was played)

↳ Digital Daggers – Still Here.

"I’d die to be where you are. I tried to be where you are."


wtf im in mutuals with so many cuties. so many rad folks. i like you guys a lot


Nina Dobrev is honestly the sweetest, kindest, most compassionate angel

She took her lunch break off —one of the only break she gets out of a 12-14 hour work day—to do a livestream for a charity she’s been involved in since she was 17

she went 20 minutes over because she genuinely likes talking to her fans and answering questions

she’s a sweetheart and if you hate her i will fight you


I’m crying bye guys

“I don’t care if I fall in love to a devil, as long as that devil will love me the way he loves hell.”

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Our First Night


This nifty one-shot is for the new Delena Headcannon fest! 

The First Night

Damon Salvatore could hardly believe the stroke of luck the universe had just decided to throw his way; could not believe that he would be Elena Gilbert’s choice after so many years of ups and downs, and confusion on both ends. Finally, it had all come down to the release of the sire bond and knowing that her feelings for him were real, even though it confused and honestly scared the crap out of him, he was not one to challenge the good luck that had been tossed his way.

Walking up the stairs of the Salvatore mansion, he turned a corner and walked down the long hallway toward his bedroom. Elena had gone earlier to go find Jeremy and Bonnie, presumably to say goodbye since the veil would only be opened a certain amount of time before it was lights out for baby Gilbert. Flopping down on his king-sized bed, he removed his shirt and stared up at the ceiling, imagining an endless sky of stars that were, for once, orbiting in his favor.

He had done horrible things in his lifetime—murdered and tortured people for the fun of it—and he never assumed that there would be a life for him that did not revolve around that constantly. He did not imagine a life where he would be more than willing to forgo that behavior in exchange for building a life with someone that meant more to him than the blood trips and wild nights of passion he previously liked to indulge in.

Reaching over to his ancient, rickety nightstand, he opened the drawer on the top and retrieved some Bourbon from underneath all the discarded, useless items that were of no importance to him. Ric’s words stuck in his mind as he tipped the bottle into his compliant mouth, he knew that he had been given the chance of a lifetime to have a life with the woman of his dreams, and he knew enough to know that one major slip-up on his part, and all of this would be nothing but a perfectly wonderful dream.

Closing his eyes against the sudden influx of exhaustion from his emotionally challenging day, he savored the feel of everything now: he savored the feel of the cotton sheets underneath his body, he reveled in the feel of the air as it tickled his chin, he savored the feel of life in general because everything felt different with the knowledge that he was Elena’s choice, that she had chosen him without the influence of the sire bond.

Opening one eye when he heard her approach from a distance, he propped himself up on his elbow as he turned to face the door. She had changed out of the white, lace dress she had been wearing when she had first declared her love for him, and was now wearing her standard jeans and a light gray tank top.

“Hey,” Damon said, surprised at how cracked his voice was from not using it since she had first left his sight. He had hated to see her go, but had known that seeing her brother one last time trumped his own personal desires to make an unforgettable night out of her miraculous declaration.

“Hey,” Elena smiled, as she took one step toward the bed, before giving up on her self-control and taking an enormous plunge toward the center of it, landing in a heap right next to him, blankets and pillows diving to take cover from the excitement that the newly turned vampire possessed.

“What are you in such a good mood for?” Damon asked, as he allowed his hand to do the talking and watched as it moved to cup Elena’s chin under his one finger, tilting her head up until he could properly look into her gorgeous eyes.

“Jeremy,” Elena said, and for the first time in a long time he could see how her entire face lit up with a knowledge that he wasn’t yet privy to. “He’s alive, Damon. Bonnie dropped the veil, she brought him back.”

“Whoa,” Damon said. “Where is he right now?”

It was not everyday that people who were supposed to be dead, were brought back to life. He knew that the genius magic Bonnie possessed was important, but he had no idea that her powers extended to control the world of the Other Side where he had undoubtedly been transported to after Katherine killed him.

“He’s with Matt. He’s going to drop him off here later on,” Elena replied, as she snuggled closer to Damon, burying her head in the crook of his arm. “I can’t believe he’s really back, I can’t believe that he’s really here.”

“I know,” Damon said, as he used his free hand to rub her back. “Bonnie magic wins out yet again.”

“Yeah. I tried to find Stefan, but I couldn’t.”

“Oh, having a guilt trip, are we?” Damon teased.

“No. Not about us,” Elena corrected him, “but about how he found out. I know he was listening to us, Damon, and I just wanted to make it right with him, you know?”

“Oh I know. That’s who you are, after all. You can’t help it when someone is either in pain of the physical or emotional kind. It’s sort of your magnified Achilles Heel.”

“Well, if that’s the worst I could bring over from my human life, I have to say I’m doing pretty good.”


“Did Stefan ever tell you our talk we had when we broke up?” Elena asked, biting down on her bottom lip in that adorable way she knew Damon loved.

“No. He was too busy brooding and giving me his mopy look. Why?” Damon asked, not sure why Elena was willing to divulge the details of her breakup with Stefan.

“He told me something, and it was right. He told me,” Elena said, taking a deep breath. “He told me that my human feelings for you had been magnified as a vampire. The feelings that I was too scared to admit when I was human, were suddenly too strong and overpowering to ignore now.”

Damon arched an eyebrow; this was a new development and one he was not sure how to respond to. It had never been a secret to him that Elena had deep seated feelings for him when she was still human, but to hear her on the verge of admitting them, was another story altogether.

“So what are you saying?” he asked, his voice tight with the emotion he was barely suppressing.

“What I’m saying,” Elena said, as she adjusted her position so she was leaning over him. “Is that yes, I did have feelings for you before I turned. I had them, and they terrified me, Damon, because I thought that I was supposed to be with Stefan. What I didn’t realize, what my brain wasn’t letting me do, was to make the right choice once I was aware of everything. It’s like my Mom told me that night of the accident, I didn’t want to lose Stefan, that’s why I chose him.”

“Even though you wanted to choose me?”

“Yes,” Elena confirmed, as she palmed his face. “I wanted to choose you, but I was scared of loosing Stefan once I did that. I wasn’t thinking, and I’m sorry for that.”

“No worries.”

“Hmm. Why didn’t you ever tell me we met first?” Elena asked, as she toyed with Damon’s daylight ring.

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But you’re stealing my heart away.
Yeah, you’re stealing my heart away.